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Guild Of Linguists-Experts on Documentation and Information Disputes
Russian NGO

Certificate of Registration Issued by Ministry of Justice, RF № 14127 dtd 15.02.2001.

The Guild is one of the leading centres of experts of Russia Federation. It carries out research, expertise, publishing and educational activities.
The Guild provides practical assistance to businesses and individuals in the area of linguistic expertise on a wide range of civil, criminal and arbitration cases and disputes.

The clients of the Guild could be judges, plaintiffs and defendants in court cases, representatives of media outlets, human rights and public organizations, investigating officers and law enforcement agencies, law firms and bar associations, numerous local, foreign and international organizations, citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign states.
Guild experts have many years of successful experience in the analysis of text in Russian in the print media, television and radio programs, texts of laws, contracts and other documents, trademarks, names, other proper names, etc.

Expert studies have to be paid for. They are performed on the basis of formal agreements, court decisions and decisions of the investigating authorities.
Guild members are working effectively in the 30 regions of the Russian Federation – the republics, territories and regions.

Chairman of the Board – Doctor of Philology, Professor Mikhail V. Gorbanevskiy.

Contact Information

Website: www.rusexpert.ru
Email: e-expert@yandex.ru
Skype: mvgmsk.

Mailing address: Russia, 129164, Moscow, GLEDID, Prof. M.V.Gorbanevskiy